The Oath Against Harm in the Practice of the Dharma has been created to unite Buddhists against abuse.

It focusses on this worst aspect of harm within Buddhism itself — the widespread problem of abuse. It allows Buddhists to unite across traditions and take a stand. 

It is built on a basic statement on the purpose of the student-teacher relationship:

“In the practice of the Dharma, I hold the student-teacher relationship to be a sacred connection which prioritises the spiritual development, maturation, and well-being of the student.”

The oath invites contemplation on healthy student-teacher relationships and practice environments and can be considered akin to the Hippocratic Oath in medicine. It is a reminder of the core ethical principle in Buddhism of non-harming.

It was created by the founders of the alliance in consultation with members and survivor groups.

Dharma practitioners might wish to read it for personal reflection to help them understand what is not acceptable in the student-teacher relationship.

Buddhist teachers, leaders, and ordained sangha who would like to support abuse survivors and make clear the intention to free Buddhism from abuse are invited to take the oath. Also groups/organisation are able to endorse it.

Please write to if you would like to take the oath or your organisation would like to endorsed it.

Download Oath Below.

This is the first edition of the Oath published in March 2020. 

Oath Against Harm in the Practice of the Dharma (English)

ཆོས་ཉམས་སུ་ལེན་སྐབས་གནོད་མི་སྐྱེལ་བའི་དམ་ (Tibetan)

धर्मको अभ्यासमा हुनी हानिहिंसा बिरूद्ध शपथ  (Nepali) 

Eid gegen Misshandlung in der Dharma-Praxis (German)

Zakletva protiv štete u praksi Dharme (Croatian)

Please contact us if you are able to provide a version in another language. Also if you have suggested edits for a future update please let us know.

Thank you 💜

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