Education for nuns, monks, teachers and lay students on human rights including basic protections and freedom from discrimination; duty of care; legal rights; how to recognise and deal with abuse; how to create safer sanghas.

Packages of resources will be developed with a variety of material, suited to different kinds of organisations, which aim to increase awareness of the risk of abuse of various kinds, why it’s important to minimise these risks, and how to go about it.

Part of this is teaching people how to recognise the variety of forms that it can take. These include: physical, emotional/psychological, sexual, financial, and spiritual. This empowers people to not only recognise when it is happening to them but also to recognise the ways in which they might be unwittingly contributing to it or tacitly allowing it to occur.

Abuse can occur not only in how an individual treats others; it also occurs in how other individuals, and organisations as a whole, respond. Thus, organisation-wide training and organisational structures are important elements in minimising harm.