Creation of the Alliance

The Alliance was formed at the 16th Sakyadhita International Association for Buddhist Women’s Conference in Australia in 2019.

Our aims

Our broad goal is to promote ethical behaviour in Buddhist communities for a future in which the Dharma may flourish with integrity. Rather than working only on the symptoms of the problem, we aim to address it for the long term by encourage cultural change through education and advocacy, and by galvanising people from across Buddhist traditions around this issue. We hope that ABE will become a force for positive change in the Buddhist world.

Who are we?

We have over 500 members from around 45 countries. Anyone with an interest is warmly invited to join us. The Founders were members of the Sakyadhita International Association for Buddhist Women; however anyone regardless of gender identity is welcome.

What does membership entail?

Alliance members will be kept informed via occasional emails. They have the opportunity to provide feedback, ideas and assist in projects at various levels.